Aerialists / Aerial Dance / Aerial Acrobats

Aerialists with Mesmerie Entertainment are professional performers with many years of experience in safe and beautiful performance. Our aerial performers are knowledgeable in safe rigging practices and our team can inspect your venue before your event to assess the feasibility of ceiling rigging for aerial performance. If ceiling rigging at your venue is not possible, Mesmerie Entertainment can provide a freestanding rig at additional cost.

Accommodations for Aerial Performance

The safety of your guests, your venue, and our performers is our top priority. Aerial performance requires a minimum 5'x5' cleared floor space underneath the performer, except in the event of aerial bartending performance. This floor space is essential for the dynamic spinning and circling motions that are involved in aerial performance. If your venue is approved for ceiling rigging, you will need to provide an extension ladder, scissor lift, or similar system for rigging aerial apparatus. A plan for un-rigging aerial apparatus after performance (or after the end of your event) will be included in the performance contract. Mesmerie Entertainment and/or their contracted performers are responsible for providing all performance equipment for aerial dance including aerial apparatus, rigging equipment, beam covers, beam clamps, etc.

Aerial Pricing and Professionalism

Mesmerie Entertainment believes in producing events with performers who have spent their careers refining their craft. Our goal is to match high-level entertainers with events that benefit from their expertise. Our aerialists are hand-selected for their skill and aesthetic and are priced accordingly. All Mesmerie Entertainment aerialists carry industry-standard liability insurance specific to aerial performance. We do not employ "student performers" at discount prices and strongly discourage clients from seeking services from untrained or under-trained performers.

Aerial Performance Styles

Mesmerie Entertainment maintains an extensive roster of professional aerialists throughout the Rocky Mountain region. If you or your client would like a particular style of aerial performance, please note this in your quote inquiry. Our aerialists are skilled in the following styles:

  • Fabric ("silks"/"ribbons"/"curtains")
  • Trapeze
  • Lyra ("aerial hoop")
  • Rope and Spanish Web
  • Straps
  • Cube
  • Harp (trapeze/lyra hybrid apparatus)
  • Innovative apparatuses including aerial moon, mustache, aerial chair, mobi lyra (twisted lyra), diamond, and more!